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Australian Artist | Breathe A Blue Ocean |Highlights Animal Plight

Breathe a Blue Ocean | Sand Art
ph: Adam Stan Photography
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Breathe a Blue Ocean Creates Thought Provoking Sand Art in Barwon Heads

Australian artist Breathe a Blue Ocean has captured global media headlines with this huge 120 metre long artwork. Highlighting the sad plight of many animal species affected by the current crisis down under.

‘Australia Burning – Wildlife Death Toll ONE BILLION animals I am standing in the artwork smelling the smoke the fire ?- SurfCoast and Geelong Beaches “CLOSED” – some species may now become endangered’ Breathe a Blue Ocean

In an interview with ABC News Australia the artist said,

You could smell the [incredibly] thick smoke … and I went to that beach, near Point Impossible, and the smell and everything just hit my emotional SOS’.

It just [poses] this question, what would something that has no voice do in that situation? And maybe it connects with the helplessness in most of us’.

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