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Fresh East End Graffiti Throw Ups

East End Graffiti March 2019
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Graff in Brick Lane, Hackney & Shoreditch

These days its hard to find a spot in any big city where you won’t find graffiti in one form or another. If it’s historical you might find a slap up on a lamp post, a small tag written by marker or even a symbol. Graffiti has stood the test of time and against the weight of street art comparisons. It’s true to say street art exploded in such dramatic fashion the format was accepted globally in a short period of time when compared to the journey of graffiti. The likes of Banksy a former graffiti writer from the 1980s brought both street art and graffiti into the mainframe. The beauty of being in such close proximity to London’s art hotspots, ensures the walls are transformed on a daily basis. The rise of street art has also brought new interest in the history of graffiti and the mindset behind those early chapters in the UK. Graffiti is stronger than ever today, a journey guaranteed to continue well into the future.

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