Leon Keer 3D Mural France
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Leon Keer x Massina Anamorphic Street Art France

Dutch street artist Leon Keer is a fine example of a 3D artist pushing the boundaries of the format. The level and detail in his work elevates the pieces he creates around the world. This piece is a collaboration with artist Massina for the Vibrations Urbaines Festival in Pessac, France.

The end result of anamorphic murals is only visible from one viewpoint. Augmented Reality adds another dimension to the mural. Specialist Joost Spek has done a great job bringing the mural to life with AR technology. Leon Keer has an App you can download for free and view the special effects byway of Augmented Reality. He encourages visitors to his website to download a series of shots you can hold your phone or tablet over and witness the magic.

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