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Big Chip Presents Sounds of Bristol – [10-track VINYL LP]

Big Chip Presents Sounds of Bristol


Aiming to raise £1000 in 30 days to cover costs for 1st Press of ‘Big Chip Presents: Sounds of Bristol’ [Vinyl Release].

Donate £10 to receive a copy of the album on vinyl (However any donations are welcomed!) The creation of this album began for Sam (Big Chip) around Summer/Autumn 2018, composing tracks in his home studio in Bristol. 

Having resided in the city for the past 3 years, the sounds and sights that Bristol has to offer have been immensely influential on the works that Sam has been creating – coming from a dub and roots perspective of the local music scene. 

Using his natural craft as a musician combined with the production capabilities he has been honing, studying at dBs Music – this collection of tunes is truly a personal offering that he would love to share with the world. 

In addition to the efforts made by Sam, collaborations with local talent have taken this project to a whole new level – giving tremendous thanks to Tilia Holmes (Art & Design), Guire (Vocals), Kaya (Vocals) and Kreed (Mastering).

The aim of the project is to give something back to the city that has nurtured such a healthy music scene of previous decades and subsequently influenced this collaborative work.

Your funding will directly contribute to the physical vinyl pressing costs of the album (limited to 300 copies).