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Locked in with Endless the Artist

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A  tongue-in-cheek glimpse into the life of an artist working from home…

Endless is a contemporary artist, whose work originated on the streets of London and can now be found in the West London Italian-founded gallery Cris Contini Contemporary. 

Having created vast amounts of work for successful shows over the past 5 years, with pieces being collected by celebrities, art dealers and fans alike, many will be surprised to know that Endless has always worked from home. As he has progressed, he now inhabits a live/work studio. But just two years ago, he was producing all of his work from a small one bedroom flat. As his ambitions and ideas grow, he will of course require a large studio. But the artist claims that he will never entirely separate work life and home life.

The pandemic has affected all of Endless’ 2020 plans, but his production and creativity of work has only intensified. With so many people working from home for the first time, Endless wanted to shed light on how this lifestyle has affected him

When does work life end and home life begin?

I don’t see this as a ‘job’ as such, as cheesy as it sounds, making art is just a part of who I am …so I never truly switch off. I find that as an artist, you have to be disciplined and structured to an extent, especially when working from home. I start making art around 9 and usually finish around 8pm, depending on what I am doing. 

I will always allow time to exercise and relax, it keeps my brain and body and is often when I come up with new ideas. I don’t like to compare myself to others. People start work at 5am or finish at 3am, and that is good for them. I do what works for me. 

Has the lockdown situation benefitted you, in terms of artwork production?

As much as I love work trips abroad and collaborative projects, I have been enjoying the fact I can constantly create the work that I want, experiment with new ideas and not have to take time out to travel anywhere for meetings etc. I haven’t done street art since the lockdown, which is something I miss, but this period has forced me to come up with creative concepts, which I sometimes struggle with when I am so busy working traditional projects.

Has the situation made you feel less inspired?

No. I have the same amount of ideas, if not more. I have had more time to think, without the distractions of the outside world. Inspiration can come from within, you don’t necessarily need physical freedom to get it. Through the power of your mobile phone and TV outside inspiration can be sourced from the palms of your hands. 

Do you think the art world has been negatively impacted long-term by the crisis of 2020?

The art world has been affected – but not necessarily negatively. Art always adapts to the situation it finds itself in. Sure, physical galleries are shut right now. But this is forcing art businesses to think outside the box about how they sell and present work. We are already looking at augmented reality gallery exhibitions with my gallery team, Cris Contini Contemporary. We still need to ensure prospective clients see and feel the artwork. No doubt we are not the only ones. 

General tips for surviving as an artist at home:

The secret to working from home as a creative is to adapt to the situation and find a way to be creative in any space – no matter the size. Don’t use a less than perfect space as an excuse to stop you from creating and pursuing your passion.

I have always worked where I have lived and have never let it stop me from working to my maximum, work ethic should always prevail. Inspiration can come to me at any time, so although I always make sure I have downtime, I like the fact I have all the tools I need to create around me 24/7. One day in the not so distant future I would love to have a huge studio where I can make bigger pieces, but I know for a fact I would still partly work from home, it’s all I know. I believe that art is just an extension of life, which should not be determined by a location, or a time.


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