Masked Graffiti Crew Bomb Hosier Lane Australia

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Writers Hailed as Vandals Take Out Melbourne Street in One Hit

Hosier Lane in Melbourne, Australia was once famous for its graffiti. Crews from around the country would throw up and tag everything in site. If caught the writers risked fines, prison, curfews and bans. Unofficially, visiting writers also risked the wraith of local crews byway of territorial scraps, paint snatches and robberies.

As the years marched on and street art became super popular, Hosier Lane was embraced by a host of street artists. Government officials witnessed the benefits the alleyways presented for tourism. Artists arrived from around the world as well as graffiti writers. Hosier Lane walls are thick with the dried paint of hundreds, possibly thousands of tags, murals, pieces and throw ups.

Last weekend a masked graffiti crew bombed much of the lane using fire extinguishers and canisters. Tourists and the media were shocked at the blatant ‘act of vandalism’. Government officials are on the hunt for the crew. They filmed the event using a drone and law enforcement agencies are hunting them as we type this piece.

News media outlets were interviewing outraged locals and visitors. Where local artists, writers and some people embraced the makeover as an important part of the culture.

You paint a wall, shoot your work, let it go and walk away.

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