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New Urban Contour murals with Alessia and Mariadela

Alessia Innoceti
Alessia Innoceti
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Light, colour and textures 12 + 1 project in Sant Vicenç dels Horts

The artists Alessia and Mariadela have participated in the last edition of the 12 + 1 project in Sant Vicenç dels Horts, an initiative of the Contorno Urbano Foundation. Alessia Innoceti makes the mural playing between the contrast of luminescence and the colour that is derived from them. The artist Mariadela intervenes the mural with fabrics, thus generating a pattern that plays with colours and fabrics.

The contrasts of light and colour predominate in the new edition of the 12 + 1 project in Sant Vicenç dels Horts. Playing with the chromatic variations on textile outside of their usual environment and the luminescence of the colour. The artists Alessia and Mariadela have been commissioned to complete these murals that can be seen during the next two months.

Mariadela 12+1 Project

A representation of the strength of colours and balance, Alessia Innoceti presents us with a work that aims, through the effect of light and brightness, to give the sensation of cleanliness with simple forms, which invites the viewer accustomed to a city context chaotic, transmitting calm with the game of tones and get so the same viewer is part of the work. Creating something opposed to stress, something cheerful that has part of its essence and help to harmonize through his work.

Alessia Innocenti is a Chilean artist who studied Fine Arts with a major in painting. At the beginning of her career she dedicated herself to the education of children and adults, because giving part of herself and her art to other people enriches her. In parallel, he was developing his work, exploring geometry and colour. Currently, it alludes to fractals and symmetry, playing with the fluorescence of tones. And as in the case of this work aims to study light and shadow through defined lines, gradient colours and the games of light and shapes to create optical illusions, applying its approach to different supports and dimensions.

Mariadela Araujo is a textile artist and fashion designer from Caracas who lives and works in Barcelona. It has a bold, abstract and instinctive style that starts from an analytical study of the composition of colour and in which the Caribbean touch is not lacking. Her work has changed in scale and the artist is focusing more and more on large format installations full of colour. He has executed several projects in cities such as Caracas, Rome and Helsinki and nowadays he has his own studio in Barcelona, ​​where he combines the teaching of the tapestry with the production of pieces, products, installations and collaborations of the artistic world. The artist Mariadela Araujo presents us with a piece of embroidery in large format as a mural, allowing the viewer to confront direct chromatic variations produced by the scale of the colour modules materialized in the physical space that project light and colour to a specific space.

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