Dolphin-Waterproof Earbuds

Dolphin-Waterproof Earbuds With Intuitive Controls

Dolphin is a 100% waterproof pair of earbuds allowing you to bring your favorite music with you when you are swimming, jet-skiing, relaxing in the hot tub or out for a rainy day run without fearing water damage.It’s time to stop worrying about water damaged earbuds and start bringing your favourite tunes into the water with you. The lightning-fast Bluetooth 5 technology, certified IP68 water, and dust-proof rating, detachable hidden split design, and 10-hour battery life make these truly wireless, auto-pairing earbuds perfect for rainy days.Bring your music everywhere! Listen in the rain, in the shower, in the hot tub or even while surfing! With their IP68 rating, the Dolphin earbuds are 100% waterproof and can be fully submerged in water!

Dolphin-Waterproof Earbuds

Dolphin-Waterproof Earbuds



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