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Purify Water With Grayl Ultralight Water Bottle

The adventurers among us can truly appreciate the Grayl Ultralight Water Bottle. For  layman the idea of rambling through mountain ranges drinking water from lakes forms part of the draw to this natural world. The water looks cool, clear and clean so who wouldn’t feel the urge to drink live from streams and rugged waterfalls. Depending where you are in the world, experienced heads on the crew are quick too dismiss any desires you may have to carry out such an action.

They bring your attention to the fact an animal caucus could be rotting in water further up stream and anyone drinking from the polluted water risked stomach cramps or worse so no-one wants to be that person. Folks want to drink from the stream but are literally forbidden from doing so by other crew members. Believe us when we say it won’t be long before you do come across a rotting caucus in the water and realise you wasn’t being pranked. If you do happen to drink the rotten water its highly likely your expedition will abruptly end for you and the crew.

Water bottles are another essential tool for anyone wandering the great plains so when purchasing a bottle we’re normally looking at its shape, ruggedness, cooling capability and colour. We have red bottles, blue bottles and silver bottles usually made from a metallic material. We put up with the taste but purely on the grounds its the only thing available on the market. When it comes to purification we have tablets made for filtering such water but again we’re adding chemicals to our hydration system.

Grayl Ultralight Water Bottle is the perfect water purification system for ramblers and everyday use in the city. The replaceable filter system takes water from anywhere regardless of how dirty and polluted it may be and converts into pure drinkable water. No harmful chemicals and powered by a pressing motion this filter removes 99.9999% of everything considered dangerous to our health. Now you can drink from any stream, waterfall or muddy hole. Different filters cater for any situation you may find yourself in. The replaceable cartridges come in two colours and serve different functions. The orange cartridge is for any water of any kind but the blue is for city use and removes chemicals such as fluoride from tap water. This bottle is perfect for any situation and the ideal water bottle for your grab-bags. The Grayl Ultralight Water Bottle improves taste, odour and clarity. Fresh pure water works wonders for your health and this bottle may well become your drinking vessel full stop.





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