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StickyBones The Tool You Didn’t Know You Needed Until Now

StickyBones is an ideal companion for animators, 3D modellers, artists and art lovers. Hailed as a revolutionary tool for stop motion and animation, allowing film-makers to get hands-on with this incredibly flexible figure. Rendering full resolution 3D models or animated clips is a time consuming exercise which weighs heavily on your budget. Moulding 3D models for animated projects is equally as time consuming and long-winded. If your burning a few candles you’ll remember the first stop motion character in the UK named Morph (1977). The TV artist Tony Hart was the driving force behind the hugely popular TV program Take Hart. The artist introduced the concept to the general population by animating short clips of the stop motion character made from clay. Although but short clips the artist spent vast amounts of time shaping Morph into a TV personality. The same can be said for modern technology which has made our lives easier to some degree but as far as time consumption such projects are still lengthy and processor heavy.

Artists are not restricted by technology as they can get around it using freestyle methods. The StickyBones figure is a great tool for artists as they explore shape, space and perspective before committing to a project. Traditionally one would need moulding materials, a computer or one of those wooden art figures. Today we can manipulate a StickyBones in ways you wished you could’ve back in the days of Action Man. If only. Where some artists and graffiti writers would search the internet for a person shaped the way they’d like to paint a figure, StickyBones is more than capable of assuming any position you can visualise.

You can purchase accessories such as a Fly-Rig which literally allows you to suspend the StickyBones in mid-air. The Pose Plate brings your composition to life and allows you to view the figure from all angles. We mentioned art lovers earlier and StickyBones makes a great interactive sculpture which can be mounted on any surface and manipulated at will. Get your model today from IndieGoGo Indemand.

The StickyBones IndieGoGo campaign is fully funded but has two days left to finish as always we want our readers to be amongst the first wave of StickyBones animators. We absolutely can’t wait to animate some break-dancing videos!




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