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LitraTorch Perfect Addition to Your Kit

The original LitraTorch was funded byway of crowd funding network Kickstarter. Technology moves as such a rapid pace we should be rejoicing for crowd funded projects. The LitraTorch is a small but tough professional light that is waterproof, daylight balanced and 2200 Lumen LED. The multifunctional lights can be used for just about any purpose. We have three units which form our three-point lighting system for filming interviews and live paint sessions for short films. We can choose three different lighting settings on each unit, plus coupled with the coloured filters, we’re able to create various lighting moods. The fact they’re so small and wireless means you can set them up in minutes. The LitraTorch has strong magnetised backs so can be stuck on selected surfaces. Waterproof to depths of 30m ensures you can light the reefs at night but also during the day.

We all know how expensive video and photography lighting can be for independent production companies. This little unit delivers high end luminance at cost effective prices so even casual users can benefit from owning one. The perfect daylight balanced companion for smartphones, action cameras, DSLR cameras and video production cameras. Unlike any torch you’ve ever had, the LitraTorch is a tough little unit constructed for the ruggedness of the great outdoors. The company has a range of accessories on offer, although the LitraTorch is also compatible with action camera mounts you may already own. The weight and dimensions are perfect for attaching too drones for shooting at night or riding a mountain bike over sketchy terrain.

Other features…

Various Light Settings
5700k Daylight Balanced
Flicker Free
Blended / Smooth Lux Beam
Intelligent Thermal Management
USB Charge Port – Constant Charge & Light




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