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Knog Blinder Bicycle Lights are Super Bright

When an Aussie company designs a range of bicycle lights called Knog Blinder it doesn’t take an analyst to determine that’s exactly what the lights do but in this case we’re happy to test the square units. Readers already know that we are cycling enthusiasts whom ride bicycles everyday of the week. This means we are exposed to unseen dangers on the road because lately it would appear that most motorists really dislike cyclists sharing the space. There are some motorists that take great care when passing cyclists but for the most part it seems they would rather run us off the road. We love our extreme sports and don’t mind getting hurt for the things we love to do but cycling home isn’t our idea of fun although it may well become an extreme sport in big cities such as London. When it comes to a motor vehicle verses a bicycle its clearly obvious who comes out the loser, but motorists are sometimes blinded with anger which makes them unpredictable.

What can we do? Well I’m sure there are a few drivers that would advise us to leave our bicycles at home and purchase a car but few cyclists even want a motor vehicle which is why they cycle in the first place. The best we can do to ensure our safety is make sure we can be clearly seen by other road users which means wearing the right outerwear and having proper lights on your bike. This is where Australian company Knog comes into the frame as they specialise in high grade bicycle lights and cycling accessories. Founded in 2003 Knog is a long established global player recognised for the elite affordable products they design and produce for world markets.

When we witnessed the lights brightness first-hand, it did make us wonder if they were road safe in London, but we’re happy to report the lights match global specifications and legally safe to use on roads in the UK. It’s literally like having a car headlight mounted on your handlebars and a back-light that can be spotted from a good distance away.

Certainly the most functional lights we’ve had on the bicycle because they actually light the road up in front of you rather than just a bright spotlight so other road users know you’re there. Day or night the lights ensure you’ll be seen which goes a long way to making you feel slightly safer than you would without these Blinder’s. We are extremely happy with our Knog Blinder Mob Twin Pack but they have even brighter lights on their website. All chargeable using USB so no more buying batteries. When a parcel arrives on your doorstep from Australia saying Blinder Mob and Bad Ass on the packaging then that’s exactly what they’re going to be and Knog is a Bad Ass company period.

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