Lapa 2 Tracker Can Find Your lost Items

We don’t like the idea of being personally tracked but we are in love with the concept of tracking personal items using smart devices. If your one of those forgetful people always leaving your phone, keys, or bag behind you then this is the ultimate piece of kit for you. Even if your not forgetful the Lapa 2 can save you from a world of stress. One need only lose an item once to have regrets about not using a tracker. The small unassuming Lapa 2 unit is built for outdoor life so its tough and water resistant. Best of all it serves its function and that’s keeping your items close too hand at all times. Once the Lapa 2 is attached to your precious item it will ensure it stays within certain range of the smart device and if it does exceed the distance an alert is sent to the smart device indicating its last location on a map. If you misplace the tagged item in the house or office you can send an alert to either the electrical device or the unit, which brings your attention to the notification by playing a sound similar to a ring-tone and a small flashing light. The app displays the last location it received a signal which can alleviate any stresses you might be having.

It has a 60m range and once outside the safe zone it can be monitored by other Lapa users who receive a notification alerting them another Lapa has entered their air space. This has many benefits for a Lapa that is lost or stolen which will alert other Lapa users that a lost or stolen unit is within range. This then gives the community options as they can report the last known sighting of your item, send you a direct message via the app or Facebook. In the case of a lost item we’re pretty sure the Lapa community would secure your item until retrieved as this could happen to any user. This is all achieved using the Lapa 2 app which is free to download and serves many functions.

There are so many ways to use the Lapa 2 that we won’t even begin to list them all. Children, pets, keys, bags or bicycles are top of the tracking list so to have these bases covered by this tiny unit gives you an extra layer of protection. We are in a digital age where everything is governed by your signature, pin number and electrical device. My keys are now covered and so too is my computer bag, bicycles and all manner of items will be tagged with Lapa by the time we’ve finished.





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