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Meeting of Styles | UK | Artist Call

Meeting of Styles UK
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Apply Now for one of the Biggest Graffiti Jam’s in UK

If you haven’t heard of Meeting of Styles, it’s likely you live far away from concrete walls and the internet. Meeting of Styles is an international franchise with annual events occurring in dozens of countries. The skill level is exceptionally high and the end result transforms the event space into the desired theme.

This event in the UK, marks the tenth anniversary of the Jam. Jim Vision and Matilda have raised the bar again this year. They’re aiming to produce the biggest MOS show possible. If you’re a high level graffiti writer or street artist, you may have a chance of painting at the anniversary. The web portal features application forms for all the Meeting of Styles events and not just the UK.

Artist applications are open from now until 31st March…

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