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Ten Years of Franco Fasoli Condensed into One Book


The Argentinian artist’s book Public/Private:Ten Years from the Career of Franco Fasoli is ready to hit the shelves.

The Argentinian artist gives an account of his career from two different perspectives: the public sphere and his studio work. “The book is divided into two parts: the first deals with my work in the street and the second, my work in the studio, institutions, and galleries. The book was designed in parallel by two people. One part uses my real name and the other my artist’s name,” explains the Argentinian.

Until July 31, Public/Private: Ten Years from the Career of Franco Fasoli is available for exclusive pre-order on the Ink and Movement website. You can choose between the book on its own or different packs that combine it with a print, sculpture or original work of art.

Based in Barcelona, Fasoli’s work documents the contradictions and rituals of modern Latin American societies: “I use popular symbols and rituals from the countries I visit to create the mythology that characterizes my paintings, one in which animal and human bodies melt into each other, becoming confused and creating struggles that are also dances, wars, and celebrations”.

Characterized by its incessant exploration of materials, forms and sizes, his work includes everything from large-format paintings in public spaces through to collages and small sculptures in bronze or paper.


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