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Dubler Studio Kit MIDI Controller Crowd Funder

Dubler Studio Kit

London based creative music technology start-up Vochlea Music, are graduates of the Abbey Road Studios music technology incubator and winners of the SXSW 2018 Pitch Competition. Today, they present the Dubler Studio Kit, a highly innovative, live vocal recognition MIDI controller.

The kit offers up an intuitive, never seen before method for musicians to translate their musical ideas into reality, using the one instrument they’ve been practising since birth— the voice. From amateur to pro, the most natural way for a musician to communicate an idea for a sound, melody or beat is using the voice— our built-in tool for audio expression. Artists all sing, hum and record voice memos of musical ideas, but that’s often where the idea ends, never actually making it into the studio or onto the stage. Capturing those ideas using traditional instrumentation and MIDI inputs can be challenging and requires know-how, even for the most accomplished musician. Vochlea Music’s vocal recognition AI technology unlocks the power of the voice, allowing musicians to create music and control sounds, quicker and more and intuitively than ever before.

The Dubler Studio Kit allows artists to release the stems of musical ideas trapped in their heads and get them straight into their production software [DAW], by simply using their voice. Just imagine being able to hum a synth pattern, beatbox to trigger a virtual drumkit, or manipulate effects and filters with a “hmmm”, “laaaa” or “oohhh” sound— all in real-time. Pre-launch beta testers of the new technology include Mercury Prize Nominated MC and producer Novelist, alongside a host of talented, genre-spanning musicians and producers.


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