Is This The Deadliest Urban Sport of the 21st Century?


British Urban Explorers climb Iconic London Buildings

Channel 4 | ALL 4

In our day we had adventure playgrounds made from wooden poles and planks. They were DiY in nature but health & safety wasn’t such a big issue back then. A few bandages and some stitches before returning to the yard. When graffiti came along, writers upped the game, painting trains and track-side walls. These days with the advent of technology and a global village of content consumers. Folks tend to push the boundaries beyond the scope of yesteryear.

This documentary follows British Urban Explorers as they embark on a quest to climb the highest structures in London. Given the tallest buildings are under construction, the explorers risks are greatly increased. This won’t stop them climbing or ‘exploring’ gigantic building sites, neither will changing laws to threaten them with the menace of jail time. Youtube appears to be taking more steps to delete videos or terminate popular youtuber channels. Urban exploring is on the increase and nothing will stop its rise into future. In much the same vain as graffiti, urban exploring is here to stay.