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Cool Crowd Funding Campaigns on Kickstarter #3

Advertising shts in the Head

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Crowd funding is a great way to support start up and small companies to break new ideas and technologies. Crowd funding is a public endorsement and good measure of your concept. Of course there are downsides such as companies failing to deliver. The larger networks such as Kickstarter are trying their utmost to protect the public with stricter terms and conditions. Kickstarter is also taking policy violators to court if they do fail on their obligations. This type of behaviour accounts for a small percentage of innovators on the network. You won’t find many internet spots with this many dreams waiving on the kindness and vision of the viewing public.

Rotten Magazine – Volume One
Break kickstarter Fk This Pay Me
Break Kickstarter F**k This Pay Me

Glowing Galaxies 2.0 | Jaw-dropping Glow-In-the-Dark Artwork

The Holy Quattro - 4 Jungle Rarities
The Holy Quattro – 4 Jungle Rarities – Back 1, 2, 3 or 4!

Advertising Shits in Your Head – the book

Redundant Watch: Time two times, it says time twice

220g – Organic T-Shirts

Brushy One String – A NEW Album for the People!

PRECACE: The Shock-proof Organizer for Digital Accessories

Travel Blanket Perfect For Comfortable Travel / The Layover™

Cool Gadgets on Kickstarter #3