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Cool Gadgets on Kickstarter #3

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10 Cool Gadgets on Crowd Funding Network Kickstarter

We love a functional gadget or piece of kit that serves the intended purpose. Crowd funding is helping the small guy on the block to play ball with the big lads. If you want know where the future of technology is heading, crowd funding networks are a great place to start your research. Here are some cool looking products that could prove useful in the right hands.

Moment Air: Anamorphic Lens, Filters, & Cases for Drones

Radiator: The Laser Synthesizer

LYRA | Handheld Game Console

Circa Solar – realign with the nature of time

Mikme Pocket: A smarter way to record audio for your videos

UB+ E2: Spherical Hi-Fi TWS Loudspeaker with Implosive Bass

HUMBIRD SPEAKER: The Smallest Bone Conduction Speaker

Moxie: Professional quality focus, iris, and zoom control

Film Carrier MK1: 35mm Roll Film Holder for Camera Scanning

Super Cable: A Charging Cable Built With Ballistic Fiber

Cool Crowd Funding Campaigns on Kickstarter #3